Piazza D'Oro Espresso premium coffee blends are consistently exceptional, each with a distinctive espresso character. From delicate yet complex, to rich full-bodied dark roast, these carefully blended and slowly roasted coffees have been especially developed to offer regional taste nuances.

  • Amabile
    • A combination of high quality Arabicas and a touch of quality Robustas that deliver a smooth, balanced, yet full-bodied coffee.
  • Barista
    • A high roasted blend of 100% washed and unwashed Arabica beans from South America. A mellow rounded coffee with a distinct aroma, smooth body and a creamy taste.
  • Supa Crema
    • A combination of dark roasted Central and South American Arabicas, blended with high quality African Robustas. Supa Crema provides a full-bodied, round tasting coffee with a hint of earthy, chocolaty tones.
  • Dolce Vita
    • A combination of high altitude Arabica and Robusta coffees, creating a full-bodied European style flavour with a strength that provides an intense espresso with a hint of sweetness.
  • Milano
    • A medium dark roast of high grown washed Arabicas combined with soft tasting Brazils and a touch of high quality Robustas delivering a smooth tasting, aromatic espresso.
  • Cappuccino
    • A blend of Central and South American Arabica and African Robusta coffees, which is rich in aroma, with light fruit acidity and good body.
  • Roma
    • Using Arabica and Robusta coffees from South America and African, Piazza D'Oro Roma is a dark roasted coffee, which is low in acidity, with sweet earthy notes and a dark cacao finish.

Certified Responsible Coffee Blends

  • Colombian
    • A single origin coffee from 100% handpicked, high-mountain grown Colombian Arabicas. This UTZ CERTIFIED coffee delivers an intensely rich and aromatic taste, with subtle honey sweetness.
  • Veneto
    • A medium dark roast of UTZ CERTIFIED Arabica and Robusta coffees. Full of taste and character, delivering a good strength of coffee that's soft and harmonious, with excellent body and a creamy texture.
  • Decaffeinated
    • A blend of decaffeinated UTZ CERTIFIED Arabica and Robusta beans. A tasteful coffee that retains good body and offers a smooth and aromatic flavour.

Sustainable Origional Blend

  • Sustainable
    • Piazza D'Oro Sustainable Original blend is made with the finest UTZ CERTIFIED responsibly grown coffee beans.

      A 100% UTZ CERTIFIED blend of high quality Central and South American Arabica beans with a touch of fine African Robusta, medium roasted to develop a complex, delicate cup with light fruit acid, broad through the middle with a nutty, buttery finish.

      Apart from the great taste, the Piazza D'Oro Sustainable Original range is fully traceable, not just for our Master Roaster, but also for you and your customers. You can trace your coffee to the regions where the coffee beans were grown.

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